Friday, May 15, 2015

with the crack of the bat...Marlins/Dodgers history & JOHN DOE 24...Mary Chapin Carpenter

....We interrupt this blog for an important posting
    This is a positive post of congratulations to two entities at last night’s Dodgers/Marlins game in Los Angeles.
    The first of course is to Marlins home run hitting (most of the time) Giancarlo Stanton.
    Stanton came to the plate for his first at bat last night suffering a bad slump.
    He swung at the first pitch and missed it or fouled it off.
    On the second pitch he reared back and hit the ball for about a mile!  I kidd you not. The ball sailed way high over the outfielder...who just stood in shock ...immobilized...he didn’t move a muscle. The ball flew out of Dodger stadium....only the third time in history had a ball done that.  Stanton’s ball disappeared somewhere in Chavze Ravine.
    So congrates to GC...hell of a way to break out of a slump.
    The second entity to deserve accolades is the Dodger crowd.  Many of them...stunned by what they witnessed stood up and as Stanton rounded second and then third on his way home...they applauded him!
    Now that’s sportsmanship of the highest level.
    That fact was noticed and pointed out by the Marlins broadcasters and I’ll bet old Vince Skully had something nice to say about the hit also!
    Oh...the Marlins got clobbered too...but that will be quickly forgotten.  Stanton's bat crack resounding will not!


The very sad story of JOHN DOE 24 as told by MARY CHAPIN CARPENTER

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