Tuesday, May 12, 2015

what might have been...

    Here’s a sad love story...not with me...but with me being the “bad” guy in the end.
    Back in 1984 when I was riding high on WWDB The Talk Station in Philadelphia...doing a highly rated talk program every afternoon...I gained the acquaintance of a very pretty young lady...blond (these are the kind I marry) and we had a short lived “affair”.
    Short lived because I became involved with a staffer at the station..and it was like “going steady” time in that.
    I hadn’t seen the blond girl...let’s call her Connie (only the first initial is correct) for some weeks and when I was leaving work one afternoon she pulls up in the parking lot and stops.
    I spotted her and as she put the window down on the passenger side I approached to see what was up.
“I have to talk to you” she said and I replied “about what?”
    “I’m in love with you!”
    With that I was taken back a bit. We had not been serious together...it was more of a “fling” than anything else...but fun on both sides. Neither of us had gotten serious.
    “I’m flattered that you feel that way Connie...but I’m involved with someone now and I really can’t see you anymore.”
    She looked very sad...not angry...just kind of forlorned.
    “I’m sorry...I said.  “I hope you can understand.”
    Then she just put the window up in my face...and drove away.
    In defense of her I must say she didn’t make a big scene as my fellow workers passed by...and she didn’t cause any trouble in the pursuing days and weeks after the surprising encounter.  In fact I have never talked to her since that parking lot scene.
    But I’ve often thought about it and her and the strange encounter which basically came out of the blue and startled me.
    The person I was involved with at the time broke up with me later and ended up marrying someone else....as did I.
    I hope Connie went on and found really true love and has been happy all these years.  I still have her parents phone number and have been tempted on more than one occasion to place a call and see how things worked out.  But...best to let bygones be just that.


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