Friday, May 15, 2015

Guess what I saw!

    we interrupt this blog for this special report.

        While crossing this apartment complex headed for the mail boxes guess what I see.
    Two...count em.... two beautiful beige and brown Whistle Ducks!
    I was surprised as the main body of Whistle Ducks left here for the north about two months ago.
    I said what are you guys doing are supposed to be back home where it’s cool.
then I called them by their name  “hi... Whistle Ducks”...and that got them to stop munching something in the grass ...raise their heads and look at me.  I love it when they do that.
    I got on the computer to asked Google why two lone Whistle Ducks would still be here in the hot florida sun but no answer.
    Well...who cares...they know what they are doing and it was just good seeing them again.  They may just be passing thru and not here tomorrow...but I enjoyed our one way chat!

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