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Did you kill or take part in killing JFK?

Robert DePugh of the "Minutemen" has some thoughts

One of the radio stations I did “hometowner” interviews in Vietnam for was KMBC  in Kansas City. The General Manager there contacted me and offered me a nighttime talk show at the really good salary.  So I jumped at it.
I had never done a “talk” program before and the possibilities fascinated me.
It would be a nighttime show and the station’s coverage at those hours was excellent.  AM station signals traveled better at night than during the day.  It’s an atmospheric thing of which I’m aware but can’t explain.  
We jumped right into the bourgeoning subject of “who really killed President Kennedy in Dallas”.
Robert DePugh lived in the Kansas City area and was one of my first guests.        DePugh was leader of the radical right wing group known as “The Minutemen” and that group and DePugh were often mentioned as possibly being involved in the Kennedy assassination.
DePugh denied this...but enjoyed the publicity surrounding it.
He said that he had no advance knowledge of the attack in Dallas and in the days following, he told me, he had personally contacted his members in that area and said all disavowed any participation in the JFK murder.
However there was a very interesting story he told and whether or not there was any truth to it we’ll never really know.
DePugh said several days...maybe as much as a week after the shooting he got a large envelope in the mail from the Dallas area.   One of his members (he refused to identify the man) wrote Bob that several days after the assassination he was taking a slow walk around the plaza and happened upon a small circular piece of plastic in the grass at which he picked up, pocketed  and then walked case anyone was watching. 
Upon careful examination of this piece of plastic...the man decided it might be significant and he sent it off to Bob...writing that it could prove that there was a conspiracy and that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone.
As Robert explained it...the plastic cover would be used by a shooter to conceal the real type of bullet his rifle would fire.
This would complicate any proof the authorities might get on the shooter’s real ammo.  Oswald did not have anything like that...nothing like that was found in his killing nest.  
So...the second gunman, Bob said, used the concealed ammo and got off the third and decisive shot from the front...the grassy knoll would be Bob’s best bet. He said a second gunman would have to be a real expert...a concealed gunman...firing concealed bullets and be able to escape before anyone spotted him.  
   Bob said the proof of something like that was the Zapruder film which showed the President being hit from the front...not from Oswald who was above and behind the target.
Then DePugh went on to say that a few weeks after he received that mailing...the FBI came knocking on his door with a search warrant.  He said they forced everyone out of his house and were in there for hours.  When they left and Bob returned to his home there was only one thing missing:
You guessed it...the plastic ammo cover.
Take that for what it’s worth.  
Just one of the weird tales, of many, floating around about the killing of JFK.
In later years DePugh and some of his followers would be arrested and convicted of planning a terror like bombing and a robbery of some banks.
     So...who really killed Kennedy?

I’ll be writing alot about the Kennedy assassination in coming posts.  I dealt with that subject more over the ensuing years than any other broadcaster.
In New Orleans, Jim Garrison was my guest.  He and comedian Mort Sahl were on together for about three hours one night.
Jim Marrs wrote the “bible” of conspiracy books 
“Crossfire, The Plot To Kill Kennedy”... a book that Oliver Stone used for his blockbuster film “JFK” . Jim became a regular, once a week, (sometimes more) on my national all night talk show in beginning in 1992.
Grayston Lynch, former CIA officer and one of two (he said) American officials on board the command ship for the ill fated Bay Of Pigs invasion of Cuba. I would look Grayston in the eye and ask him if he shot President Kennedy.
 Eugenio R. Martinez..former CIA and a member of the Watergate break in team. 
I would ask him the same question.
There were several men who would not come on my show among them, G. Gordon Liddy (Watergate)....Santo Trafficante (Tampa Mafia boss) and others.
Stay tuned!

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