Wednesday, May 27, 2015

IRAQ NEEDS HELP...SYRIA....YEMEN...SAUDI ARABIA etc Obama.....the troops are more than ready. Send em!

...The lonely man...who is our President....sits in a dimly lit oval office late this night.
    He’s disturbed.....not by anything anyone else has done...or written about his “legacy” but because he feels things have not gone well...and he’s the responsible party. “The buck stops here” as Truman said...before deciding to drop “the bomb”.
    What the lonely man does not know...has not that he is at an apex... where one defined move can not only change his legacy but the legacy for the future for generations to come by making one bold move.
    Remember, Barack...that night when you made a bold move and because of that decision America and not just America but the entire world was free of that pestilence of bin Laden.
    Oh... recall for us the euphoria of that moment when the woman from the CIA who had searched and found this demon...slowly unzipped the bag...holding the dead body of our worst enemy....then lifting her head to nod to the General with the phone waiting to inform Washington. 
    How did you feel at that moment?
    I would dare say that feeling was indescribable. have the same opportunity to feel like that again..only ten times over....if you will just realize that you and only you can issue an order that will shake the Earth

 and result in a legacy for you that will be compared to Lincoln and Washington and FDR. That is power. 
    Few can ever obtain that kind of power and when they is their duty to extend it for the good of all mankind.
    There are those who would kill...kill..and kill again
and they are threatening sections of our neighbors in Europe and the Middle East.  And you can stop it.
    Just stand up straight.... pull yourself together and power the lights on in that Oval Office and issue the order that will send thousands of American troops of all types to the beleaguered areas of the middle east.  That is your let’s get on with it...before another head rolls or a marvelous artifice is crushed by the new demons wishing to stifle and enslave those who would think differently from them.
    Give the order Mr. President.  Before it’s too late for all of us.

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