Monday, May 18, 2015

Mad Men radio spots galore! & Listen to "The Real Thing" COKE click below

    The Real “Mad Men” liked radio - (From Tom Taylor NOW)

    Stan Major says "Since this is the big, really big Mad Men time, I am reminded of the Gordon McClendon decision in Chicago for his all-news WNUS. We had no sales force to speak of, so not many spots, but Gordon wanted the station to sound 'loaded.'
    He had his national sales manager (out of Texas, I guess) call all the Mad Men at the agencies in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, and tell them to just send us all their spots, and we’d run them for free. They did, and boy, you never head such great commercials on local radio before or after.
    We had a pretty good staff to complement those spots, like Bernie Shaw (before CNN), Dave Baum (before sports), Larry Webb, Dave Martin, and me, Stan Major, before 'talk.'         

No listeners - but a great sounding radio station!" 

                  Here's "THE REAL THING

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