Wednesday, July 1, 2015

remember newspapers?

     ...the double standards in our recent memory may soon be disappearing...along with the press functions that established them. 
One observer states if Obama was a Republican he would be facing impeachment now over this immigration fiasco.
The only President run out of office in my lifetime was Richard Nixon...Republican.  That was over a stupid thing called Watergate which two primary newspapers (neither of which are very “primary” anymore thanks to the internet) the Washington Post and the New York Times...basically successfully performed a media coup d’etat
that forced him to quit.
That’s one side of the double standard.
Here’s the other side:
A woman dies in car whose driver happens to be Teddy Kennedy but does Teddy pay for that.  Hell no...he goes on to the US Senate for years.  He’s also Catholic and gets a divorce to remarry..with money for the effort for the church which may be a third standard.
Jack Kennedy...his the biggest womanizer in the oval office in history...until Bill Clinton came along.  But Jack’s not hit for that (despite the fact that JFK was screwing a Mafia boss’s girl friend!..and neither is his brother Bobby...despite the fact that he had at least two Mafia Godfathers who wanted him hit. Nope...Just couple of "crazies" who did it for the fame....while the guy with the kill shot on the grassy knoll got away for good!
Speaking of Clinton...yes he was impeached but the Senate let him go to roam for female pleasure again. More of that double standard.  If Billy had been a Republican they would have hung him out to dry fast.
The bottom line in this little essay is that powerful forces like major newspapers and at times television (Ed Murrow vs Senator Joe McCarthy) which have foisted the double standard on us “Democratics great...Republicans suck”... attitude don’t have that power anymore.
This is the effect of the internet and it may be the most positive change in this country since the death of prohibition!
The only question now is what or who moves into the internet power positions to have the same effect good or bad that the papers and tv once had. 
Matt Drudge?

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