Monday, July 6, 2015

Jeb's firm made him rich, and...if you like Mom's Meat Loaf keep reading!

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    ...Somebody at the Washington Post is OBSESSED with Jeb Bush’s financials.  I mean...that’s all they discuss...not a word about the fine job he did as governor down here for two scandals...just progress. is the bullshit story if you want to read it:

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                  about some of the other think they got financial crap in their closet? 
Leave it to the Post and you’ll never find out!


    If you’re hungry and love Meat Loaf you’ll get a kick out of this from the deep past.
    When I was in grade school I used to wake up late in the week and smell my Mother’s Meat Loaf in the oven.
    I knew that that social!
    About every week our church along with some others would have a charity raising lunch brought in by members like my Mom. All the ladies would cook of their best and that was usually meat loaf.
    We would walk into the church meeting hall and there would be the tables all laid out in the finest homemade food.
I saw only the meat loafs and smacked my lips.  These ladies had great versions the that plate and I got a huge plate and started taking sample. (yes this was allowed)
    I would get some milk or soda and sit at a table all by my lonesome (Mom was serving) unless another kid came by and sat down.
    I can’t begin to tell the how's and whereforms of the individual meat loafs...but most were delicious and not as good as Moms! 
    Of course!
    And the ladies each made a dessert...usually cake and wow...what a way to finish the lunch off...any maybe some ice cream with toppings for the kid.
    I’ll tell you...those were the days.

Love ya Mom!

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