Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Fogot to mention.....

Fleeing ISIS 
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 (SPECIAL ADDITION NOTE: As you read this keep in mind that these participants were and are "FIRST RESPONDERS" and had something called them to action...they would have!)                            __________

    Ya want to know why....for the most part?
Say thanks to several working groups and typical of them some high level specialists hidden away in a low level  section underground at our Capital away from the Capital in case disaster ever strikes Washington D.C.
    They were low under ground at Offutt Air Force base in Nebraska.

    Remember that place?  Used to be a top SAC (look that up) base in the cold war but now it’s a place where they can whisk President Bush too safety... after the Twin Towers strike...for instance.

    There were similar groups working on our safety the famous Cheyenne Mountain...and in New York City and Los Angeles.
    So these very smart people (at least one officer was flown in from his middle east assignment to take part...probably others) sweated and toiled over  reports...rumors....possibilities and etc.... and guess seemed too good to be true...everything was going to be “quiet” except the sound of your fireworks going off.
    I’ve not seen anything about Offutt AFB or these men and woman who toiled all weekend (and earlier of course) and just did their job to keep us safe.’s a tip of the Marlins cap to them....and I’m glad to have had the pleasure of knowing one of them as a friend.


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