Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The WOLF is out!

     ...Big changes at CIA. “The Wolf” is OUT.

    The man who was responsible for “Maya” getting bin Laden is out.
    But this article doesn’t mention “Maya” (name used in Zero Dark Thirty) and inquiring minds would like to know more about HER!
 is she still there chasing ISIS?

we quote the story...

“After becoming CTC chief, (“The Wolf”) installed a foldaway bed in his office and often went days without leaving the CIA campus. Although a chain-smoker, he was known for spending hours on a treadmill going over terrorism reports. He was the basis for a character known as “The Wolf” in the movie “Zero Dark Thirty.”

Here’s the Post story (long but interesting if you are a spy buff)
and First names only in most cases.
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