Saturday, July 11, 2015

JFK's last dinner (In Boston)...and Red Sox guy

    ....Mac Richmond...the owner of WMEX Boston (rich guy) and good friend of mine (I had worked at all three of his stations...Vegas..DC and now Boston)....came waddling (correct)  into the newsroom with his “possum eaten shit” grin on.... which meant trouble for me...usually.
He said: “two things”.

“First...we are going to see President Kennedy tonight for dinner”....and I was shocked.

    “How’s that Mac?”
“Big fund raising dinner at the Boston Armory
 sit on the dias...not far from him.”  I am assuming Mac wrote a big check....but that’s his business.
    This was September 1963...JFK’s LAST Boston appearance before Dallas.

    “Second..”Mac’s a phone number...ya gotta call this guy...he’s gonna record a PSA (public service spot) over the phone for us and the Sox”.
     I am assuming he meant the Red Sox. WMEX studios were actually under the back roof of Fenway park...when anyone hit a home run we heard the ball plop on the roof.

    I said "who is it Mac.”

“Yaz” was his answer.

    Jesus Christ...Carl Yastrzemski "you want me to call him now and have the tape rolling?”

“That’s it.  He’s got the script at’s short...won’t take long.”

    Out he waddled chucking to himself knowing I was in shock by both “orders”.

    I took a few minutes to get myself together for the call.
    I wasn’t a Red Sox fan...I was a longtime Cardinal that pits Stan Musial my hero of all time against Ted Williams...the Red Sox hero of all time.  I decided not to bring any of that up.
    I thought...what the hell do you say to a playing legend?
 Yaz answered the phone.

    “Yep...I got the script right here” and he did sound fine.
    “So Yas...I gotta ask ya...
    "go ahead”
    "How’s it hanging?” I heard  sports guy use that.

     But...I can’t believe I said that to
    Carl Yastrzemski.
    But he just laughed and answered “lower...lower everyday!”  He was an ok guy.
    I had said “thanks” to Stan Musial on several occasions...out around his car where he dragged all the kids for autographs.  But I never got a chance to really talk to him.  I think I was scared.

    Yaz was cool!

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