Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Pete Rose? Yes or No....not to worry about bad Muslim terrorists...they aren't here

    SCIENCE CONFIRMS THE CONCEPT OF SUGAR DADDIES "New research ... suggests beautiful women have an easier time taking advantage of men financially." [HuffPost]
thought we ought to nail that down! Love that research! do they really get paid to do that?

    To cheer Pete Rose or jeer him?
I’m really in between on this one...he was a great player and a long time gambler and they don’t mix.
So although the fans at the All Star Game seemed happy to see him after all these years...some players weren’t.  Johnny Bench was one.
I’ll remain neutral (rare for me)

You can’t believe this bullshit:

REASSESSING THE 'PERCEPTIONS OF TOP TERRORIST THREATS' "Since Sept. 11, 2001, nearly twice as many people have been killed by white supremacists, antigovernment fanatics and other non-Muslim extremists than by radical Muslims: 48 have been killed by extremists who are not Muslim, compared with 26 by self-proclaimed jihadists, according to a count by New America, a Washington research center." [NYT

I think they forgot the head chopping!

    This is so’s making the rounds on the net as we speak.  A mommy Raccoon is trying to teach her baby to climb a tree.  Watch and love them both: link is for it

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