Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Helping the Talaban and bin Laden!

waging my own war against the Russkies!

In 1979 at WNWS Miami at the height of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan went on my show for a few weeks and raised some money (not a lot) for the Afghan rebels. I had been contacted by a man living in Miami who was born in Afghanistan.  He told me no one in our government would help...in fact no one would even talk to him.
This was long before Texas Congressman Charlie Wilson got involved with his buddies at the CIA. (see the movie “Charlie Wilson’s War.") 
So we raised a few bucks...I don’t recall how much...but it made its way all the way to the tribal leaders on the Afghan border and I’m sure was put to good use.
A few months later I received a letter and a small box.  The box contained a gold necklace with a small religious symbol.
The letter was a letter of “thanks” from the tribal leaders in the mountains who were trying to fight back againist the Russkies.
It was signed by each leader...there were at least a dozen signatures. I’ve often wondered how many of them ended up supporting Bin Laden in his anti-American war which culminated in the Twin Towers tragedy.
     A year later I moved to Philadelphia and the FM talk station WWDB...where I launched another campaign.  Not to raise money but to get Soviet vodka off the shelves of Pennsylvania's state controlled liquor stores. 
I succeeded.  
It was banned by the state legislature and I received a commendation from that august body for my campaign!

Just one guy...trying to do some good.


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