Monday, July 6, 2015

Harvard Memories and Connecting on Facebook...and CYNTHIA GEARY of Northern Exposure

....104 Nations and 88,000 views (Google Numbers)

Cambridge is great and Boston is one of the finest cities I’ve had the pleasure to taking my radio merry-go-round too. I sorta “left my heart there” and basically enjoyed every moment even though I couldn’t get a date (or get laid) because that damn Boston Strangler was doing his thing while I was there.  
Well..the Paula Prentiss long sexy late night phone call was good stuff (see my earlier post on that.)

My Facebook “friends” are for family only...I got one the other day from Ted Kopple...the creep.  No I didn’t friend him! (see my earlier posting on Kopple in Saigon.)

Cynthia Geary 
My Northern Exposure program heard nationally....

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