Thursday, July 9, 2015 anyone home in.. SAUDI ARABIA!!! Saudi prince to donate $32bn fortune to charity...I WANT SOME!

       Saudi prince to donate $32bn fortune to charity

    You know what I’d LOVE to do.
    I’d love to get about a million from the Prince...and set up a company...called “The Saviors” or something better...and our job would be to SAVE JOBS for the folks who already have them and not allow the company to replace hard working Americans with what we used to call “Illegals new citizens who would work for half the salary.
    You saw the story on this blog about Disney in Orlando having to re-hire workers they fired just to replace them with cheaper people.   
    Now who made them do that?  I’d like to be the one.
    So...Mr. Prince...I need fast track on this.  You must have someone in your office who can MAKE things happen quickly.  Americans are losing their jobs everyday and we have to take action!   

    Here’s my private email contact...let’s get going!


and here’s the full story on given to charity...his 32 Billion (that’s correct)...what a Prince!


....Here's a great American classic rock song...Don McLean's 


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