Tuesday, July 21, 2015

flip the derby with the game! the game IS the thing!

    Some thoughts here and there.....
Fleeing ISIS..my choice for Pulitzer

        Message to Major League Baseball. The all star thing is a bore.
    You got heavy hitting guys who waste themselves in the derby then can’t lift a bat for the game!  Right Cincinnati?
That’s because the emphases the past few years and been the stupid homer run derby thing.
    So...you want to get back to the original idea of having the best players on the field playing at their best just follow my led...

Switch the two events.

That’s right...play the game first...then the next day have your boring homerun derby.

Problem fixed.
Your welcomed.

Ok time to talk politics and the crazy circus developing before our eyes.
    Donald Trump for President?
Why not.
    I’ve often said it really makes no difference who’s in the White House...nothing gets done anyway.
    Obama-man cant even send help to Yemen or Syria because he needs approval of the Congress...the American Civil Liberties Disunion (they still object to how we got Oh-swama)
    I can just see both Bush Presidents and Reagan begging congress...oh but Sadam is a bad boy and may have the makings of a bomb...etc etc.  I don’t think so.  I think they sent the troops and got “permission” later.
    But hey...the congress is more interested in trying to get the guns away from us because of all the headlines on that....than saving starving babies and children in Yemen or Iraq or wherever. So...the hell with the human beings...lets make the liberal media happy and go after more guns.
    I vaguely remember some years back that there was a small town that had a law the YOU WOULD BE ARMED at all times.
    Oh my god...the Post just tossed their cookies.
That’s right...all of age trained and armed.

    Oh...no crime of any kind in that community.

How about that ACL pew?


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