Sunday, July 19, 2015


   ...I was just dozing off when a very familiar face appeared....the ghost of David Brinkley.
    “David...I thought you might drop by.” looks like they settled some things at our old alma mater NBC.
    But not in the best way, David,
I know.Week anchor....gotta go sooner or later...they’ll find out.
    That David Gregory has the making of being another...

“David Brinkley”?, I broke in, and he chuckled....if you say so.
    You know I can see things you can’t...
     They had a few focus groups in at 30 Rock and one the subjects was...for anchor...David Gregory or the fill in guy there now.
    Ha...I can’t wait for the outcome of that. was no contest...Gregory won going away.
...but there was a lot of discussion about “white males”...seems since Diane Sawyer quit everything reverted back to the 60’s and 70’s in that.
    Boy I’d give my right arm to get Diane in that chair.
She is good...very good.
    I agree.
and with that he slipped out as ghostly as he came in.
No sign of Huntley....he must be fishing!


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