Monday, July 6, 2015

The Flag flap brings me some visitors!

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.....It’s President Nixon and his friend Elvis! 
    The two ghosts greeted me warmly.
    “What’s all this hubbub about the Confederate flag and
doing away the “Gone with The Wind” for god’s sake.”
    “I know’s all stupid and useless and not gonna accomplish anything in personal relations.  It will blow away,”
    “Well...I WAS born in Dixie...brought up there...lived there at Graceland.....and I’ll still sing “Trilogy” whenever I can!”
    Good for you E.
    Let’s ask the President how he feels about the flap.
    “Oh...Mr Major, I am a firm believer, like you, in the Bill of Rights.  No one is going to change that!”
    Thanks Mr. President.
    Anything else E?
    We’ll...the music today...I don’t understand it.
Welcome to the club E.  But there’s still a lot of good stuff out there.
    And with that Elvis’s ghost disappeared and Nixon proclaimed as usual”
    “Elvis...has left the bed room!”
and he was gone.

here’s that song.....Elvis’ greatest recording (in my opinion)

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