Sunday, July 5, 2015

Marilyn's favorite! & FREE better copy this one down


        Marilyn Monroe’s favorite restaurant......the Villa Nova in Beverly Hills. 
...Or a lesson in how to get seated fast in Hollywood!

When I was working at the post office in Beverly Hills back in the 60’s I had read that Marilyn often ate at the Villa Nova ...Italian spinach noodles were her favorite.

I decided I’d try it out.

You have to dress well or that won’t even seat I put on my only suite, dress shirt and tie and headed there for an evening meal.
As I entered there was a line of folks waiting to be seated and I thought...well was a good idea.  I spotted at least two celebrities (from tv) in the line and almost turned around to leave when the maitre’d approached me and said “your table is ready”.
Ok...I was surprised...but I followed him and sat down.

I was to discover later how this speedy seating arrangement worked in Hollywood.  A friend at work told me if they know who your are they seat you accordingly...if they’ve never seen you’ll get priority treatment because they don’t want to make a mistake if you’re some nova rich dude or a brand new shining star yet to gleam.
Wow...hooray for Hollywood!
...the meal was the way...and expensive!
When my sister Sallee and her husband Steve came from New York City for a visit to our Stone House farm in Illinois & they discovered that none other than Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong was playing at a big fair about 20 miles north of there. 
      They said they wanted to see him in New York City but could never get tickets.
We hopped in the car and went to the Winnebago County fair and got great seats and ole Satchmo was in fine form!
We enjoyed the show immensely and I was happy to do them the favors as they had done much for me in the past.
Also...when I was at 30 Rock getting ready to fly the Saigon for NBC News I was able to give them a short tour of NBC’s studios. They met David Brinkley (Sallee was thrilled) and she joked to him that she worked for RCA in the floors above them dozens of years and had never seen NBC!
She checked out Johnny Carson’s office (he was still doing his Tonight Show in NYC) where a fire had broken out a few days earlier. Smelly but not too much damage. I told her Paul Newman was shooting a film in one of the NBC studios but they wrapped it up the day before.

       WOW...NO TUITION at a fancy first class college!
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    Could change your kids life!  I kid you not.

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