Monday, July 20, 2015

Count Cronkite in.....

Walter Cronkite
 ....The ghost of David Brinkley paid me a return visit last night.
    “Stan, good to see you again.”
“David...same to you.  Who is that with you?
    “It’s Walter.... Stan, Walter Cronkite.”.
    “Walter, I am honored.  Our career path's just never met but I was a great admirer of you and CBS News”
    “Thank you, Stan.  What's with the Brian William's situation anyway?  We hear nothing”
    “That’s right Walter.  It just drags on and on.”
David added “did they offer buy Katie Couric that house in
Georgetown that I mentioned?”
    “Nope...nothing about a duo anchor...but it would have been excellent.”
    “Well, Stan, Walter went on...anchor’s like Brian William's don’t come along very often...he is very good and you tell that guy at NBC News that Walter Cronkiet said that!
    “I will Walter and thank you.”

    “AND THAT’S THE WAY IT IS” Walter added...his old close from his news chair.
....and they slid off into the night...two friends and long time news adversaries joined to help another anchor...get his job back.

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