Saturday, July 18, 2015

the Mafia wants to help!

    I was startled out of sleep by two guys standing over my bed.
    They didn’t look familiar.’
    “Major...I’m Meyer Lansky........and this is Mr Siegel (don’t call him Bugsy!)”
    I won’t’s nice to met both of you.
    “We’ve seen what’s going on over there in Europe with these crazy’s chopping off heads and stuff...
    ‘Sounds like something I’d do...chuckled “Bugsy.”
We thought we might be able to help by offering some of our men to Mr. Obama.  Seems he doesn’t know how to win a we’d like to help him out.”
    “They usually know how to hurt people too...and I’m sure some of those crazies over there would be running like hell if they knew some “organization” men were after them!”
    Good idea sir...I’ll pass that along.
Then Siegel said...”how are things in Vegas.  All those new hotels sure look nice”
    Oh yes Mr. wouldn’t believe the inside of those places...I haven’t been there for some time...I’ve got to visit! 
    I used to work in a radio station in the rear of YOUR Flamingo sir.  Betty Garble sunbathing by the pool...Harry James in the lounge...Frank Sinatra at the Sands.  You guys really knew how to put on shows!
    “And make money...Siegle added..don’t forget that!” making machines out there then.
“Well Mr. Major pass on the info for us”.....and as they turned I asked Lansky...
    Mr. Lanskey did you know Neil Rogers and I used to joke about you walking your dog?
    “He smiled...oh yea...we thought it was funny too!”
and off they went...Bugsy Siegel and Meyer Lansky... two of the biggest crime figures this country.
    I tried to get back to sleep.

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