Monday, July 20, 2015

Instant repost

RUSSIANS IN AFGHANISTAN...If they can do can Obama!

(Dedicated to 'THE WOLF" and to Maya.... Zero Dark 30)

NOW...A really scary visitation........(NEW)

    I was driving down Atlantic Boulevard in Coral Springs, Fl...and it’s always a nervous ride.  One time the ghost of Mohammed Atta appeared in the passenger seat...(his apartment had been nearby).

So I kept my foot on the gas and my fingers crossed...but it didn’t work.
    There he was...Atta...who crashed into one of the twin towers on 9/11.
    But wait...he wasn’t alone.
I got a real tense feeling now.   
“Major” yes Atta.....I remember you from before.”
    “You have an honored guest in the back...the Sheik.”
I glanced in the mirror and there he was
                    OSAMA bin Laden himself

Actually...what does one say at a time like this?

“Mr Major...”
Yes sheik...”

    “I’ve come to warn you and your President about this man ISIS”
    now I was shocked!
    Warn us?  why would you do guys would be on the same side!
    “Not at all.  he is evil...and  his followers are evil.”
    “I may have blown things up...but he is sinister and must be stopped.”
    Tell your President to end this threat at all costs...or many will die...including my Muslim followers.
“Yes sir...I’ve been trying”.
Try harder my son.
Now..before I go...I say “thank you.”
You collected funds for us while we were on the run from the Russians...and though you might think it wasn’t was just enough to give us...thousands of us some hope that America DID care.  So thank you.
and with that they both were gone.
    I pulled the car over and got out and looked around and everything seemed eerily quiet and normal.  Got back in to drive and there was Atta again...all alone this time.
    “I must add my thanks to what you did.  I was on that mountaintop when the food from from those  funds arrived and we all...all prayed for you then.  You had given us  hope.      

I thank you!”
    Then...Atta was gone.
I drove on home.
What a night.

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