Friday, July 17, 2015

Justin...get that mojo back!!!


    ....This post is about baseball.  Yep..if you don’t like baseball posts just suffer for one page.

    there is a guy with the Miami Marlins named Justin Bour.  He’s a first baseman.
    He’s also big..I mean when you hear the expression “built like a brick shit house” they were talking about him!
    Now Justin had a big week about two weeks ago.
He came to the plate...snapped  his bat at a pitch and knocked the ball into the right field bleachers.
    He did that once a day for the next five days...6 home runs in six days.
    You should have seen was like something else....but it was working.
    then...his manager (our former front office mgr) approached Justin and said you are doing so great we are going to give you the next day off.
the next day I saw Justin pacing back and forth like a caged mountain lion in the dugout.
    He returned to the lineup after the day off and couldn't hit shit.
His mojo was gone. 
the look on his face was different...he wasn’t the same guy.  It’s been about two weeks now and no home runs (I think) and one double and a few hits and that’s it.
    Yep...his manager gave him a day off and completely destroyed what Bour had before.

We are hoping he’ll get that feeling back...that hard to describe almost mythical approach to hitting homeruns.
I'll let you know

    In the office mgr-manager...if a guy is on a roll....stay away from him please! Just leave him be.

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