Monday, July 27, 2015

From a few days ago...but well worth repeating!

First...the overture:
     ....Meet Joe Black is the kind of movie that if you are switching around and you stop at’re hooked!
    Yes Pitt is amazing...and the rest of the cast the same.                        _____________________

Being in the news blog business I like to have some idea about the newsmakers I write about. So I asked our friend Hal to fill us in on who’s really in charge of chopping heads the so called Isis nuthouse.

                            ISIS leader?

“The head of ISIS is a shithead named Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, commonly called The Caliphate or Caliph.
ISIS, sometimes now referred to as The Islamic State, is a pyramidal styled organization of allied Islamic terrorist groups.
There are many groups, large and small, from various points in the Middle East and Africa that have aligned themselves.
There is debate still as to whether it is a group that al-Baghdadi absolutely rules or coordinates with specific instruction or with general consensus.
Won't know for sure until we nail the asshole's hide to the clouds.”

thanks Hal!

P.S. Hal:  The head Taliban in Afghan wrote asking me to thank you and your team for doing their work for them in Afghan the other day!  (inside joke...only the WOLF or “Maya” would understand”)

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