Thursday, July 30, 2015

the game is on...Tokyo....waiting for a MAN OF ACTION there! .Are you there Japan?

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     That gleaming building is the Honda car headquarters in Tokyo..a good place to start this post.

    Now someplace high up in that beautiful building is a man of action.
    That man of action is going to check the time difference between Coral Springs, Fl USA and Japan.....and if it fits...he is going to dial the Service Director at Coral Springs Honda.
    His name is is Brannon Smith...another man of action.  Most folks call him Smitty.
    “Can I call you “Smitty?”
     “Of course.”
    Smitty this press fellow...Major is his name...been having some trouble with a Civic I understand.
    Yes sir....he only bought it a few weeks ago and the transmission is bad.
    Well...he reviewed our new cars for over seven years and he deserves some credit.
    Here’s what I want you to do...get his car over there...order up a rebuilt transmission for the car and install it for free.
    Got that?
    Yes sir.
    Can you start on that today?
    Yes sir.
    When you’re finished send the bill to me...I’ll pay it.
I hope to visit you someday...Coral Springs is nice I hear.
    Yes sir very nice.
    I’d like to take you to lunch!  Binahanna?
they both laughed
    Whatever you want sir.
    Goodbye...say hi to all there.

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