Saturday, July 25, 2015

great radio shows...but you can't hear them (yet)

...Bob Hope returned in a dream and had big news.

“Casey Kasem just joined us...and the guys have started some radio shows here. Casey’s spinning the hits...Dick Clark has a show with some kids...great dancers...even Princess Diana stops by to dance the night away. Sometimes John and George join him!
“Wow, Bob that is great!  I’ll tell Will and Kate about Diana...they’ll be thrilled. 
“Any talk shows?”
“Talk...oh ya...Joe Pyne does a show...and your two friends Neil Rogers and Bob Collins are having a good ole time.  Wally Phillips tags along.  Then Long John has his weird guests to talk the night away.  Bill Ballance comes along with some “spice”...and Henry Morgan chats with them all!
“Sounds like some great radio to me!”
“It is...Stan.  Sorry gotta go...more shows for the troops you know.”
“Bob...thanks for the memories!”  but he was gone again.

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