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another weird way to get fired!


another weird way to get fired

     In an earlier post I talked about getting fired at WIL St. Louis.  The manager mistook my cologne for booze...and accused me of drinking on the job.  Here’s another way!  I said a bad word on my show and it had nothing to do with four letters!

     An article in the Philadelphia Inquirer which I wasn’t aware of.  Google can be full of surprises!  (Gail was a great Philly radio writer!)

     For Stan Major, Phoenix Proves A Quick Fall
By Gail Shister, Inquirer Staff Writer (David Walstad contributed to this article.)
POSTED July 22, 1986
   Stan Major, former controversial talker and program manager at WWDB-FM (96.5), is in the thick of it again.
   Major, who joined KFYI-AM in Phoenix, Ariz., on March 19, was canned immediately after his July 7 show for making an on-air joke about the Arbitron ratings. That, according to GM Fred Weber, is "strictly prohibited by the rules, regulations and policies of KFYI."
   Major, 50, says he was "stunned" by the firing and intends to file suit against the station to collect the remainder of his one-year, $50,000 contract. KFYI management "told us not to discuss ratings on the air," he says. "They didn't say, 'Remove the word Arbitron from your vocabulary.' "
     Major says he was originally hired "to shake up the market and do strong, controversial talk radio." About a month and a half after he arrived, however, a management change took place, and suddenly, he says, "they wanted softer, guest-oriented talk."
     To add insult to injury, Major says, hotel and meal charges from his March interview at KFYI were deducted from his final paycheck. "This experience hasn't soured me on radio," he says. "I'm just trying to get my just deserts."

P.S.(by Stan...May 1, 2014)

     My lawyer did a good job...the management kept me on full payroll and put me on a weekend shift giving me LOT’S of off time to enjoy...Vegas...San Diego...Los Angeles and Mexico along with the usual scenic beauty of Arizona!
I loved Phoenix!

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