Friday, May 23, 2014

the National Inquirer sucks

Obama takes a stroll

      ...the National Inquirer has gone off the deep end!
I’m a big believer in freedom of the press but “Obama’s 12 women” at your check out stand now got to me.
Dont you think if Obama had even one or two girl friends...Matt Drudge 
(no “O” lover by far) would be all over it!
Buy “People” instead...the pictures are better!
I was standing in a Walmart line and I joked to a nice couple that I got alot of my blog posts checking the tabloids while waiting to check out. 
How else do you think I can find out about Selena Gomez?

Speaking of’s a link to Yahoo News coverage of his stroll around the Ellipse in Washington.  Guess none of those 12 women were available!

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