Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bradley University


College time again... 

       While working at radio station WIRL in Peoria...I was also taking classes at Bradley University...a school where size didn’t matter except for their red hot basketball team.  Number 1 ranking back then!
       Two of my classmates became All American players and one, Chet Walker, would lead the Chicago Bulls to many victories.
       Bobby Jo Mason on the other hand chose to go to the famous Harlem Globetrotters for his professional career.
      Chet sat next to me in English Lit and was a good student and friendly.  We helped each other in the class.   I went to a Bulls game once and walked down to the bench to say “hello”...he turned and immediately recognized me by name and we had a nice chat for a minute.
       Bobby Jo sat next to me in a huge auditorium for Psychology lectures and had trouble staying awake.  He was all American first string guard and didn’t really have to worry about grades much, you know. But he was a nice guy.
Bradley was okay...but two of my Professors weren’t.
My teach in Speech was lazy and always (every year I guess until they caught up with him) scheduled the whole grade for the semester based one a final oral presentation.  I forget what mine was but he took umbrage with it and gave me an “F”.
The theater arts Prof (my major)  was gay...which I didn’t pay any attention to until after dinner out with him one evening he tried to come on to me.  I did not respond but he did with a “D” grade at the end of that term.  He claimed my sketch of a Broadway play was too close to the original i.e. I was copying!
I had it with higher education after all that...and the stupidity at Illinois also.

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