Friday, May 30, 2014

Kate's bear tush(again) & Nick's flicks

KATE I woke up this morning and fired up my old computer and checked my email as I do each day.
       I went to Google search for something and Google scared the hell out of me!
On my Google search page was was kind of “hi” we’ve got some special stuff for you...and up popped a couple of windows,  the first one was the Publix supermarkets “Mother’s Day” tv spot that I had written about in one post on my blog.
So...listen folks...they are into you deep.  Be careful!

.....May I recommend several Nick Nolte movies. 
All hard to find! 
He is an “overachiever” at finding good scripts.

“A Few Days In September”(2006) with Juliette Binoche (yummy) about 9/11 and advance info Nolte’s CIA character has...but is using for private $ gain....with a hit man after him cause he knows.  
“The Good Thief”....(2002) filmed in Monte Carlo where down on his luck Nick’s character eventually “breaks” the casino.  Great music here too....led by “A Thousand Kisses Deep” by Leonard Cohen
“Mother Night”(1996) about Nazi propaganda with Nick a famous Nazi broadcaster....undercover spy of course.John Goodman is great as a Major US Intel...and look cloesly to see a very young Kirsten Dunst as “Risa”.  It’s from a Kurt Vonnegut, Jr book and HE’s an extra in one scene!
“I Love Trouble”(1994) with a young Julia Roberts (Wow!) filmed mostly in Chicago they are on newspapers...but not the same paper...coverning a train wreck.

Hope you can find these...they are all GREAT Nolte offerings.
       Oh no Kate.....say it isn't so!
After (as rumor has it) Kate Middleton was told to wear longer the Queen herself...what happens in Aussie land:  she and Will get off the helicopter and the blades swishes Kates skirt WAY up...revealing a pretty good looking bottom.  That creep critic from France who didn't like her sisters bottom at her wedding would have been proud...but he's probably not into Kate's guess is he'd rather see Wills! Anyway...the pics were published...not in Great Britian...but in the German Bild tab.  They have made their way onto the internet and I adore Kate too much to give you a look or link!
        Cmon Liz...give her a break will ya!


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