Tuesday, May 20, 2014

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now...equality in middle school. (not at the New York Times)

...there’s a story about a middle school changing it’s “honors” program because...(are you ready for this)...the school officials determined the Honors ceremonies were becoming to “exclusive”:  their word...not mine.
Gee wonder what they meant?
Could it be some white kids were absconding with most of those honors...and that’s not “equal” is it?
So they’ll setup small groups of white and non white pupils...and hide the real honors students in among them to make it all better!
Pardon me while I barf!
How about their basketball team.  Maybe non-white kids play better ball...right...(look at the NBA)....but we can’t have that in middle or high school where we MUST have equality at all cost.
So...we’ll drop two non-white players (making sure we pick the least best of course) and add a couple of white kids to the team...and watch it start losing games.  But that’s okay..because we’ve “equalized” the team by race...not ability so all is well....except the final scores.
I find it hard to believe we are heading in this direction in this once great country.  Maybe that’s the reason it’s “once-great!”
...stay tuned...there’ll be a lot more of this garbage coming I’m sure.
Oh...and you can't have a bumper sticker that says "My child is an honor student" at such and such school.  That's not equal anymore.

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