Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Vietnam needs YOU!

Chinese Nuke Sub

Vietnam needs your help!

     I’ve been thinking about the plight of the Vietnamese government regarding China’s push into their waters to get some oil and turtles(?)

Wait a minute...when the U.S. was fighting the North Vietnamese...guess who was backing Hanoi.  Right...China.  But now the shoes (sandals) on the other foot.  China attacks guess who has to help Nam!  The good ole U. S of A. that’s who.
The Japs won’t help Nam...the Aussies can’t...can you see Prince William and Kate boarding an Aussie naval vessel to fight China?  I don’t think so.  Kate might break a nail!  (Love ya Kate) and Will wants to be King..or at least log some more miles in the air.
       So if any of you Vets are concerned about all this, once again you may get to prove your worth by helping Vietnam battle China.
What a turn around, huh!  Get the Nuoc Cham sauce ready!

The Miami Marlins are coming out of their blue funk of a couple of weeks ever since their star pitcher...Jose Fernandez lost his arm.  Well...not literally...but forced to have surgery and he’ll be out for the rest of the season.
Despite this loss...they have been winning...which is a pleasant surprise to everyone.
Now the “cry baby” Atlanta Braves will be back tomorrow (so soon?) to lose some more games and yell “foul
...those Marlins are stealing our signs again!”
I think they are just really ticked off because they got a second base problem as former Marlin Dan Uggla has not been doing well for sometime.
Anyway....the Marlins and the Braves seem to be the only teams in the NL East who want to win.  It will be interesting.
.....the Nats...Phils and Mets just keep “phoning it in” and losing to each other.

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