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In front of the Chicago Theater...... with his sister Morgan and brother Jeff!

...All this college stuff on my blog has been leading up to a very important day in the life of my son Chris and his Dad.
My son will graduated from Columbia College,  Chicago, Saturday!
This is something his Dad never did...complete a college education...and I am just so proud of him I can’t write words that would sufficiently describe my feelings.
He’s well prepared to enter a tough job market with an excellent skill:
              September 2010–May 2014
B.A. in Arts, Entertainment and Media Management
Curriculum: Music Business, Entertainment Marketing and Live Event Management. 
                        3.6 GPA

My wish is, of course, the same as all proud fathers at this time...for the very best for him.
I hope he won’t be discouraged but at times he learn that it’s part of life out in the real and downs...good and bad...but it all seems to level out over time and success does come.
Just think...of all the things his Dad did through his life that you’ve been reading in this blog...he has accomplished the one really important thing his Dad didn’t... an excellent education at a fine college.
To quote my former coworker at NBC News...Joe Angotti now a Professor himself:   
“Columbia College in Chicago is a very good school.       ....People who graduate from there get jobs.” 

GOOD LUCK, SON!  Much good luck. And LOVE of course!

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