Friday, May 16, 2014

dreams of Jack Paar

Jack Paar

...the ghost of Johnny Carson came to me last night.  He brought Jack Paar with him.

“Stan I know you love Jack so we thought we should get together and tell you what we think of these so called hosts now on late night tv talk shows that we made famous.

“Right” added Jack Paar.

then there was a really long pause......I almost went back to sleep.

In fact...Carson joked that they “didn’t have much to say!”
I agreed...put well!

...then they left...and I DID go back to sleep....which was my opinion of the new “hosts” trying to reduplicate these two legends.

“Ellen” would have had us dancing in our bedrooms every night!!!


A question for those of you in the some 62 countries viewing this blog:

Why just one Drudge????

think about it!

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