Monday, May 19, 2014

let's pay over $5 a gallon...who cares

        You need to PAY MORE AT THE PUMP!
We’re not paying enough....that’s what a new article says about the prices at the pump.  I won’t waste my time blogging’s the link...waste yours!

Forgive me...if I don’t get upset at someone making over $400,000 bitching about unequal pay!
There is no such thing as “equal” in our matter how hard some may demand it! From the git go we are trained in the competitive world of non-equal..being better than others.  What do you think the grade system is all about?  Is there equality there!  Of course not.
How about baseball ?.
A guy signs a big contract for 130 Million for a period of years and ...wait a minute...where’s the equality in that?  Does that mean the next big star should get that?  Of course not.  The next big star will get what he should and that’s might be more or it might be less...but there’s nothing “equal” about it.
This gal at the New York Times bitched that she wasn’t getting as much money as the guy next to her...because she’s a lady.  Well..she ain’t getting it now is she!
Have her try the unemployment lines like millions of her liberal female readers and see how she likes that.  
There is no such thing as “equality”. Just ask the courts and judges and legislators who have tried to define and force us all to be equal....when from day one we were trained to do “better” than others...not the “same”.  

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