Tuesday, May 6, 2014

crybaby Braves!

Typical Stuttgart girl!

        Before we proceed with my 60th anniversary special posting...let’s take a break and do a disclaimer on what you’ve read.

Everything I write is FACT not fiction.
There was a choice given me at the New Jersey Army supply school to reapply for OCS or take a slot in Europe and I, of course, chose the latter. 
There was a pretty girl we met window shopping in downtown Stuttgart, Germany who claimed the last few years of the war... her duty, along with about twenty other girls, was to “service” SS officers in Hitler’s army. And she did say she “missed that.”
I did have coffee with Czech border guards when I overslept on that Nurenberg train.  I was in violation of two nation’s laws...the allied Western Sector (i.e. U.S.) and the Czech’s since I was across the border from Germany already.
The NCO who’s desk was next to mine at 2nd Cav. regimental headquarters in Nurenberg WAS the guy who would stop my transfer to AFN(American Forces radio) but we were drinking buddies and he didn’t!  In fact it was his timing of forwarding the transfer when our unit was “overstaffed” that actually resulted in the application being approved all the way up and back down the chain of command.
By the time the transfer landed back on my desk...AFN was overstaffed and my unit was understaffed but we laughed because two Generals had signed off on my transfer and nothing could be done to stop it!

So...all this is fact.  You couldn’t really think these things up could you?  I didn’t...I’m just reporting the facts as I lived them.

      The Miami Marlins swept the "cry baby" Atlanta Braves winning all three games last week.  The the "crybabys" LOST three to the San Fran giants!
Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez whimpered that the Marlins MUST have stolen his signs!  How about the Giants, Fredi?  Did they steal sings too?
The Marlins then took two out of three games from the really tough Dodgers and the first game last night from an also tough(surprise) New York Mets.
So the Marlins MUST be getting adept at the sign stealing Freddi!
Actually I think we all are due an apology from him...especially the guys on the Marlins who did his team in so easily!

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