Friday, May 16, 2014

Neil Rogers good wishes!

the ghost of NEIL ROGERS visits me....

...Neil Rogers abruptly woke me from a warm dream about Christie the mystery girl....

“So Saturday is the big day, huh?”

“right you are Neil...Saturday is a momentous day in the life of my son Chris and me.”

Neil continued....
“I can see you and his mother now...getting married  in the honeymoon suite at the hotel at the Miami airport...and then flying to Acapulco for a week.”

“Seems like yesterday”

“Well...convey my best wishes to him”...and “how long you gonna stick around here huh?”

“Who knows, Neil.  My old man made it into the 90’s! 
...Everyone including me is sad that you went so soon.”

.....and so he did.....and I faded back into my warm dream...about a pretty brunette that I can never really know.

     You’ll have the news about Saturday's the next post!

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