Friday, May 2, 2014

you can have McCain I'll take Sarah!

McCain & Palin (yummy)
     Arizona Senator John McCain is a nice guy...rarely gets pissed or flustered...but one night...late he apparently arrived at the Phoenix airport and in the car was listening to my show on KFYI.
It was a taped replay of my live afternoon program.
He called the hotline...demanding to go on the air and talk to me about something I said.
The board operator kept his cool and tried to explain to McCain that this  show was a taped replay of my live program from earlier today.
McCain paid no attention to that apparently and still demanded to go right on the air...tape or not(I guess).
Well...he didn’t get on the air.
The board operator invited him to call my show the next afternoon and said he’d inform me that McCain was upset about something I said and he’d like to comment on it.
The Senator never called.  Guess he forgot...or was embarrassed.  Who knows.
He does have extremely good taste in running mates...however.
I love Sarah!  I bet she’d stick it to the environmentalists and open up some the that western oil to compete with OPEC!
92,594,000  in this great country...are NOT working!

but go ahead Americans...elect Hillary or any of the others and see that nothing happens about that!

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