Monday, May 26, 2014

Tourists & Thailand coup

Hong Kong

Vietnam protest!

I love Vietnam...Cambodia...Thailand and Hong Kong...but that area of the world has become a mess.

.....the Chinese living in Vietnam (there’s lots in Cholan...a suburb of what was Saigon) fear for their lives because of protests over turtles?  Probably not...but the pic is good.  China recently moved a huge oil rig into Vietnam waters which set this off.  
I guess and the Chinese government has had to evacuate some Chinese natives after their businesses were set on fire...and one dude copying an incident in the Vietnam war some 40 years ago...set himself on fire in protest.
.....then there’s unrest in Thailand.  
The military...not liking something or other (there’s never a real good excuse) pulled a coup d’etat.  My only concern there is for the great Bangkok massage parlors where the good looking girls worked.
Back in the 1970 era would be maybe 20 or 30 girls seated behind glass...all with a number on their Thai dress so that one  could just select a number for a “massage”.  
This was a really big business and they made a lot of money off servicemen and tourists.  So I’m wondering if the Generals closed them down? 
I emailed one club but got no response so anything's possible.

I guess Hong Kong is pretty stable.  Everyone thought that place would fall into the harbor when the Chinese took over...but from what I can read (between the lines) things are fairly normal there.  As long as the Great Mandarin Hotel is there and functioning...that’s all I’d care about.
Love that place.  Greatest Hotel in the world!

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