Monday, May 19, 2014

my guy at Chrysler!

This you will love...I did.  
In Philadelphia at WWDB in the early 80’s a fellow named Norm Coffee became a big fan of my show.
Seems Norm was a big wheel with Chrysler Corporation kind of their “head mechanic”.
Norm called me off the air once and ask if I’d like to test drive some other their cars.  I said sure...having done that before in Miami.
So he started sending new Dodges...Plymouths etc to me every week....sometimes more than just one car.
After this went on for awhile I had a car...can’t remember the model....and he refused to have it picked up!  I mean it...I had that car to drive for like half a year!  Nice but weird.
I kept calling him and he kept putting me off...”just hang onto it...we don’t need it right now” was his usual reply.
It was nice and did have the new front wheel drive which  helped in the snow and ice in Philly.
Finally...he sent someone to pick it up and we returned to the regular schedule of a new car each week.
Norm was a great guy and a good man for Chrysler which was going thru the pangs of life in Detroit during that time and they could use all the positive publicity they could get!  I was happy to do that and ending up buying a new Dodge before I left Philly for Phoenix and then Miami.
We stayed in touch for years and Norm was responsible for getting me new cars to drive in Miami also.  He was a good man.

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