Friday, May 23, 2014

getting cold showers!

                                                                                                    repost...but this still works!

some & there

      I’ve lived in South Florida since about 1987 or so...a few years, right.  One of my gripes was I could never finish my showers with a burst of cold water to get me going. The cold water down here is luke warm for those of you who don’t know.  
      The other day...after all these years I accidentally discovered how to get icy cold water to come out. Listen up.
      You’ve turned the tap all the way to cold and it ain’t very cold (Florida & other states).  Now...the trick turn it back toward hot slowly...and if yours works like mine you can feel the cold water starting...but a warning:  It doesn’t last enjoy it before it starts to get warm again. 
      You’re welcome!
      I walked into my local McDonalds to get my four burgers for two bucks this evening and as I stood at the counter ordering I noticed two things...a Mac employee was entering behind me and before her in two different places where she had to walk there were used napkins on the floor.  She ignored them and walked into the back.
      The gal in charge was waiting on me so I mentioned this to her...but she mumbled something and turned her back on me...possibly upset that I even brought the litter up.
     It all stems from the top doesn’t it?  If the top one don’t care...I’m sure the others don’t either.


       Someone in an SUV in front of me at a stop light had paid extra money for one of those special plates.  This plate said:       
                                                                             Alien 1

      Now who would do that?  Any suggestions...I mean Art Bell, the original alien still lives in Nevada(I think) and others who might be from another planet live in D.C.(alot of em).
      Any guesses?

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