Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Meg cop cont'd...

Officer ?

the Meg Ryan cop....another episode

I called the Margate Florida P.D. and got a very nice lady...and began tip toeing into my attempt to identify and talk to (in hopes of getting a photo to show you) of the resemblance between Officer _______and actress Meg Ryan.
I made a mistake...which I am regretting I told this nice lady of my short conversation with a female Margate officer in a blue dress off loading bags of groceries into a squad car.
Oh oh.....I may have gotten her into trouble...or at least placed her in a position to deny this encounter ever happened.
The lady ask to put me on hold...and I agreed. She was gone for a couple of minutes and when she came back on...she said she had just  talked with the officer I was trying to reach...and the officer said  something about the dress (instead of a uniform) and that it must have been someone from another city...perhaps nearby Coral Springs.
I said...oh...I got her into trouble over the dress! came to a stand still...and I left my number and the info on my they could Google “Stan Major blog” and then search the blog for Margate P.D. officer or Meg Ryan. 
You can  do the same and read the posts on all this.
I thought the Officer whose name I got from another female officer on that force would call me...but so such luck.
If your reading this then...I sincerely apologize for bringing up the “nice blue dress” you were wearing which caused me to make a joke about “liking your new uniform”.
If you want to contact me you’ve probably got the number.  I just wanted to ask you to PDF a face shot that I could put on my blog along with a pic of Meg Ryan.  I wouldn’t have to use your real name...& I thought it would be fun.

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