Friday, May 2, 2014

Marlins steal Dodgers signals...WIN

just in...
Beat the Dodgers 6-3 in the  tonight!    and San Fran is beating the Braves...stealing their signals I guess!  

 ...pity the poor crybaby Atlanta Braves...oh so sad.
they came to Miami for three games with the Marlins and they were leading the National League East but they got clobbered in the first two games bad  and beat up (close) in the third game.
So..they have excuses...claiming the Marlins were stealing signs (I mean how else could a team like the Marlins beat them three straight times!)
So the crybaby Braves have left town and the resilient Los Angeles Dodgers got in this morning from Minneapolis at 6:30AM for tonight’s game so they look kind of sleepy.  I guess if they lose that can blame the late arrival, right? Or maybe our sign stealers?
Our star picther...Jose Frenandez (4-1) tonight was shagging fly balls in the outfield for exercise and hurt his shoulder!  Talk about dumb.
He’s set to go against the Dodgers Sunday.
We’ll see.  I hope that teaches him a lesson...just stay on your exercise bike wont get hurt (maybe).

Reminder that Sunday is my 60th anniversary of entering the US Army...May 4th 1954 for my two year stint.
I’ll be posting all the Army stuff next week...alot of it new and added material.

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