Monday, May 12, 2014

MY Last Meal!

Grace Kelly’s wedding in Monte Carlo.

Just before rotating back home...Grace Kelly would wed Prince Rainier of Monaco...and I wrote a hour long show with music which was played on the whole AFN network at the time of the marriage ceremonies. 
Walt Sheppard sent me a copy but it burnt up in the fire in our home in 1968.

I had my “going home” fondue dinner at that restaurant we loved.  The guys took me there just before leaving.  
I can still see the place after all these years...can’t get the dessert out of my mind...and I’ve had flambé desserts several times thru the years never tasted quite as good.
I think that has something to do with the company I was with...don’t you?

Nick Clooney was due to come home a little later so we made plans to meet in Kentucky. I left him our Effingham phone number. I’ll have more about hanging with “George’s” Dad (long before George of course) in this blog.  You can use the search window above this on the regular blog...not rss (and all the posts) ... just put in “Clooney” and you’ll see a bunch of stuff.
Walt Sheppard invited me to drop by his home in Boston if I ever got there...which I did.  He took me to Arthur Fiedler’s home to meet the famous one.  More on that coming up.

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