Tuesday, May 27, 2014

let's go to Bangkok!

my choice: 2nd from the right!

might be a good time to vacation in Thailand!

Thailand is suffering from the effect of a military coup which seems to have had more impact outside of that country...with the booming tourist industry being hit fairly hard with the negative news there.
Coups in that part of the world are usually bloodless and bountiful.  I was in Cambodia when the 1970 coup (Lon Nol) occurred and they did it with three armored personnel carriers parked in front of strategic buildings and by unplugging the international phone communications.  Soldiers were sleeping atop the APCs...so not much fear about guns being fired there.
The same seems to be happening in Bangkok....and the more tourists stay away...and head someplace else...the better break you’ll get in pricing on those goodies like serious massage...or “go go” this or that.
The sites are still there..and the young girls...who aren’t as busy because of the coup.

On the business side here’s a good write-up for you to check:


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