Monday, May 12, 2014

why the castle wasn't bombed

...some things I had not remembered until now....

The WAFs,WACs, Waves and other interesting female members of the military at AFN had a party one weekend.
I would guess maybe half dozen women from the various branches attended...along with another half dozen from units other than AFN.
Most of our “gang” attended...I think Nick Clooney, Ray Van Steen, Alan Landsburg and maybe Steve Binder (you’ll note all these guys became world famous in the years after AFN!)
It was an okay get together...and some of the females, we discussed  later, probably could fall into the category of “gay” but we paid it no mind.
The food and drinks were great and the conversation good...dancing..I don’t remember but we had to have some music since we were all into that stuff.  Probably no Elvis!
During my two years in the Army not much thought was given by anyone to the private life styles of the women who served with us.  And that was as it should be.
Anyway...a good time was had by all.


  The Hoechst Castle where AFN was housed for a number of years had not been bombed during the war.
There is speculation that the reason it was safe was because a huge I.G. Farben plant lies just to the north of it...and it was not bombed either.
As to the reason the plant was not bombed...well...rumor had it around AFN that American money interests had a investment in Farben even in the wartime.
I’ll leave it up to you.  I do believe other Farben plants were bombed but that may have been because they were located amidst military producing facilities so they got hit anyway.  Guess we’ll never know for sure.
...and finally...a nice way to wrap up the 60th anniversary of entering the US Army...
click here for some fantastic rare photos of Europe in the 30’s and 40’s...forwarded to me by Red Jones   former AFN’er and member of the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame

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