Saturday, May 31, 2014

Cuban Invasion!

Uncle Neil
Castro’s Miami invasion....

“Will the last real American leaving Miami please bring the flag!”
circa 1980

That was the slogan going around mainly among "anglo" citizens in south Florida.
Neil Rogers and I took to the airwaves to scream our dissent and demanded that President Carter or somebody...anybody in charge of protecting our shores put an end to it.
Despite of protestations in many circles...especially when it was discovered Castro was emptying his jails and mental institutions...the boatlift went on and on and on for about SEVEN MONTHS!
I was dubbed “the Joseph Gobbels” of Miami for my the Mayor of Miami and we had squad cars in our parking lot when we were on the air to ward off any crazies who might want silence our free speech rights (something they didn’t have in their homeland of Cuba of course).
I remember Neil being so upset that he dug out an inside number at the White House and sitting in our office he started a rotation dialing...changing the last number each time.
“I’m going get Carter on the phone and ask him why he’s allowing this crap” was basically what Neil was saying.  
He kept at it for the better part of an hour...saying he was getting some weird answers...lot’s of military types...and I warned him that the Secret Service would be knocking on our door any minute.
He never reached Carter or anyone of substance but he had fun trying.
Meantime the drug dealers were busy using the boatlift as a cover...and the Feds were busy busting the biggest shipments of cocaine in history coming up highway 1 from Key West.
Dade County was not prepared for this invasion....and the whole thing was just one big mess.

In the midst of all the the goings on we received many death threats.

I contacted my old friend from Boston and Chicago, Jerry Williams, who was host and program director for a new Philadelphia FM talk station...WWDB. Jerry had an early evening slot for me and I gratefully left... headed north for the relative “safe” confines of Philadelphia where I would remain for about five longest stay on the radio merry-go-round.
Click to listen to a discussion on WNWS about Miami Herald coverage of the invasion:

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