Thursday, May 29, 2014

STANTON: 2 RUN HOMER lst Inning!

BULLETIN:  STANTON 2...BRAVES 0...long long  homer run to center...first inning!

.....cry baby Fredi (BRAVES) backs off the Marlins! (sort of)

Oh...that story just took on a life of it’s own says Gonzalaz...whimpering again as the Atlanta Braves prepare to return to Miami to get whipped again!

Here’s the story:

Boy if he gets swept by the red hot Marlins this weekend I’m sure he’ll have another lame excuse:

how about...blame it on Uggla (former long time Marlin)...all his fault..he’s a failure!

the Cuban psychs in Little Havana put a spell on us because we’re  “Braves”.

here you can make up your own lame excuse for Fredi.  I think he’s gonna need something.  
The Braves...every since we “stole their signs” and beat them bad have begun to “phone it in” like the Phils...the Nats and the Mets!

Stanton in the World Series?  
Anything’s possible when it comes the Marlins.    
Check it out.  Two rings for many for the Braves....nada!

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