Thursday, May 1, 2014

jobs mean shoppers!

where are the shoppers...went the way of the jobs, I guess.

I was up in Coconut Creek...a nice burb north of Ft. Lauderdale.  Not as ritzy as Parkland & Heron Bay (see my #1 Super Walmart review) but close.
Stopped in at two of my favorite stores to check on their vitality and was  surprised at 3 or 4PM in the afternoon to see hardly any shoppers.  This is a super Walmart comparable to the one in Heron Bay.  Walmart checkout gals were standing outside in the aisles waiting to motion a shopper into their empty lane!
The same at the super dooper TARGET.  I had a $1 off coupon for my favorite cereal Honeycomb so I grabbed the family sized box that goes for $2.49 in my Target near my home.  I checked the price on the machine and was surprised it was $2.99 instead of $2.49 so I went to customer service to inquire about the different price.
The nice young lady answered with a “I don’t know” and I responded...maybe the change of locale to Coconut Creek meant a higher priced life style here?”  She blushed..probably knowing I was right and scanned the box and the coupon and she gave me the same price as my Target so that was nice.
But the point here and jobs again.
As I said yesterday...more and more of our money is going to the OPEC states in the middle east as we pay nearly $4.00 a gallon for gas!
I won’t repeat what I’ve been saying this past few weeks about all the oil we have underground out west just waiting to be plucked out.
When Americans finally get fed up paying all this money to the Saudis and others...and we see protests like we had during Vietnam and the civil rights movement...until that happens...the political’s will continue to do nothing!  
Someone needs to start a protest movement in America.
Get the point?

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