Saturday, May 3, 2014

just the facts, man!

“...and that’s the way it is” to quote Walter Cronkite.

I traded email messages with my Phoenix radio buddy Charles Goyette yesterday who is big into Ron Paul. 

I ask him if his candidate would fight to lower our price at the pump by opening up some more ”Bekken” like oil fields in the so called “environmentally correct” western sections of this once great we could pay about a buck fifty instead of nearly four dollars a gallon to the savages in the middle east.
He answered in the affirmative.
But you won’t elect Ron Paul to do that.
You’ll elect another Clinton who will continue the policies of Obama (oh god!).
Jeb Bush wouldn't do it either...Jeb, of course, is from the environmentally correct state of Florida and can afford $4.00 a gallon at the pump so what does he care about jobs.  He’d just keep on dealing with the environmental morons who can also afford $4.00 a gallon at the pump for their fancy foreign cars...because they care nothing about 29 million Americans out of work!
It’s a sad and bad status...but I see no one who has the balls (including Hillary) who will change it.
Good luck job hunting!
My own son graduates from college in a few weeks and he’s job hunting like mad.  I pray he finds something good!
Tomorrow...May 4 is my 60th Anniversary of entering the US Army to serve my country for two years.
I’ll be posting a bunch of stuff from that era of my life...1954-56 so I hope you’ll check it out each day.
What did we pay for a gallon of gas in that era????
.85 cents?

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